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Do you need help figuring out why your Mac is not running like you want it to?

Apple computers can have problems just like any other computer. These problems can range from a minor operating system corruption to a full flown logic board failure.
Don’t worry the certified technicians at FreekinGeeks can help you with official certified Apple hardware diagnostic tests. We’ll get your computer on the tech bench within 24 hours to start the diagnostic process.
Rely on the certified techs at FreekinGeeks to help fix your Mac computer or Mac network with your best interest in mind. We’ll fix your computer fast and we will answer all the questions you have about your repair or any other Mac need or issue you may have. Our techs are certified to repair the full range of Apple products including MacBook Pros, iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Pros, and Mac Minis.

Apple Mac Computer Repair Diagnostics

Mac Laptop Repiar Mac Laptop Repair Diagnostic
Mac repair dubai Mac Desktop Repair Diagnostic
MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Brocken Screen Repair LCD/LED Screen Repair
Mac Hard Drive Repair Slow Mac Diagnostic and Repair
SSD Data Recovery Mac SSD / Hard Drive Upgrades
Apple Mac RAM Upgrades Mac RAM Upgrades
Water Damaged Mac Repair Water Damage Mac Repair
Mac Motherboard Repair Mac Motherboard Repair
Fan Repair Mac Mac Laptop Fan Repair Service
Mac DVD Drive Repair Mac Optical Drive Repair Service

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Screen / LCD Repairs

Mac Broken LCD / LED Repair

Cracked screens, no video, no back light are all reasons to replace your laptop screen. We can help you determine whether you need a whole screen replacement or just re-adjust your cabling.

Sometimes you just need the inverter board replaced and not the whole LCD we will pinpoint the issue with the screen on you computer and find the most cost effective fix for your laptop.

Hard Drive Repairs

How can you tell if your hard drive is failing?

Mac Hard Drive Repairs

A major symptom that shows if your hard drive is failing is if you can hear it clicking, or whining (literally whining). Your computer will start to run slow and behaving in odd ways as well.

FreekinGeeks techs can you help you replace or repair your drive. Also, we have a very good track record of recovering data when hard drives cannot be repaired. If we are not able to restore or recover you data we work with the best data retrieval companies that can recover your data.

DVD Drive Repairs

Mac Optical Drive Repair

If your DVD/CD drive stops playing media like movies or music and if it stops burning then you  may just need to replace it or have it cleaned out.  We can help you do that.  You will need a diagnostic to find that out but we will remove the diagnosis if you end up repairing or replacing your optical drive with us.