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How does our Data Recovery Service work?


Hard Drive Evaluation

  • Within an hour of receiving your media, our technicians will begin diagnosing your storage device.
  • This evaluation takes anywhere from 20 minutes for a crashed hard drive to 2 days for a 16 drive RAID array.
  • Upon completing the evaluation we will estimate what resources will be required to attempt the recovery, what the chances of success will be, the time needed and provide a detailed quote. If the quote meets with your approval, we will attempt the recovery.


Circuit Board Repair
  • The work to recover your data starts immediately after approval of the quote.
  • Recovering the data requires overcoming the causes that made the data inaccessible in the first place.
  • Drives with physical damage usually require one or more parts transplants (read/write heads, circuit board, etc.) from good working drives. Our large in-house inventory makes finding the right part easy and avoids delays.
  • Drives or devices with logical damage require rebuilding partition tables, boot sectors, and other file system structures needed to make the data accessible. Resolving logical damage requires specialized software to restore the data and does not require physically opening the drive.
  • The results of what can be recovered are emailed for your review usually within 48 hours of receiving your case.
  • If we cannot recover the data you need, we can return your original device at no cost to you. We only charge you for a successful recovery!


Circuit Board Repair

  • Once you approve the recovery results presented, we can return the data on the device or method of your choice.
  • Smaller amounts can be provided via FTP, or a free USB memory stick.
  • Larger amounts are returned on another storage device. You are welcome to provide or purchase a hard drive from us. Pricing will be provided at the time of recovery as drive prices fluctuate.
  • Upon payment your recovered data is shipped or held for pickup on your instructions.

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DataRecovery Services

  • Hard Drive Recovery Recover data any internal or external hard drive, regardless of brand or interface.
  • Laptop Data Recovery Recover data from a laptop hard drive. We can perform data recovery services regardless of your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc), the age of the laptop, or the brand.
  • RAID Data Recovery Recover data from a RAID system with any controller, level, or architecture. We service all types, makes, and models.
  • Server Data Recovery Recover data from file servers, web servers, application servers, storage servers, among others.
  • Apple Mac Data Recovery Recover data from any Apple computer or device, including all laptops, systems, and devices. We also offer data recovery services for iPods and iPhones.
  • E-Mail Data Recovery Restore accidentally deleted or missing files and email archives, as well as files and emails that have become inaccessible or corrupt.
  • USB & Digital Media Recovery Recover data from a damaged, corrupted, or otherwise failed USB drive, jump drive, or other USB powered device.
  • Exchange Server Data Recovery Recover emails from corrupted exchange servers, From Exchange server 5.5 to Exchange server 2010