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Hard drive recovery is like forensic skill. Success demands the right understanding and knowledge, specialized tools and facilities, and many years of training. As one of the most common operations that we perform, hard drive data recovery and hard drive repair is at the core of our expertise. All hard disk data recovery work is performed on-site in our secure facilities. Our hard drive recovery expert recovery engineers work around the clock to recover your critical data. If your hard drive data cannot be recovered, we do not charge a recovery fee.

Why Hard Drives Fail?

Hard disk drive problems generally fall into two categories:

  • Logical failure: The hard drive is in good physical condition - it spins up correctly, is recognized by the operating system, and all the internal moving parts are functioning correctly. However, the integrity of the data is flawed - the actual bits and bytes stored on the drive are incorrect in some way.
  • Some common examples of logical failures include accidental deletion or formatting of the data on the drive, corruption, lost partitions, or software errors.
  • Mechanical failure: There is a physical problem with the hard drive - one of the many internal mechanisms of the drive are broken. The drive may not spin correctly, or may not spin up at all, and may make clicking noises or exhibit other abnormal behavior when operating.
  • Some common mechanical problems include head crashes and faulty motors.

Some problems, such as bad sectors and faulty firmware, fall into both categories.

What To Do If You Encounter Data Loss?

Immediately turn off and stop using your computer or hard drive - any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody's ability to recover. If the hard drive is connected to the computer, do not power on or restart your computer. Disconnect the computer or hard drive from power. This is especially important in the case of water damage.

 Stopping all use of the damaged equipment or medium is the single most important step in any data loss scenario.

Attempting to perform data recovery on your own is very dangerous - if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing, you might jeopardize the safety of your data. Do not attempt to use hard disk data recovery software, and never try to disassemble the hard drive on your own. Continuing to use your hard drive while it is in a degraded state can endanger your data and make the data recovery process more difficult.

 If you encounter data loss, you should contact us as soon after the incident as possible to ensure successful hard drive data recovery.

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DataRecovery Services

  • Hard Drive Recovery Recover data any internal or external hard drive, regardless of brand or interface.
  • Laptop Data Recovery Recover data from a laptop hard drive. We can perform data recovery services regardless of your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc), the age of the laptop, or the brand.
  • RAID Data Recovery Recover data from a RAID system with any controller, level, or architecture. We service all types, makes, and models.
  • Server Data Recovery Recover data from file servers, web servers, application servers, storage servers, among others.
  • Apple Mac Data Recovery Recover data from any Apple computer or device, including all laptops, systems, and devices. We also offer data recovery services for iPods and iPhones.
  • E-Mail Data Recovery Restore accidentally deleted or missing files and email archives, as well as files and emails that have become inaccessible or corrupt.
  • USB & Digital Media Recovery Recover data from a damaged, corrupted, or otherwise failed USB drive, jump drive, or other USB powered device.
  • Exchange Server Data Recovery Recover emails from corrupted exchange servers, From Exchange server 5.5 to Exchange server 2010